Legal position for the use of radio altimeters

This only applies to Germany!

On request from the Federal Network Agency, only approved devices may be installed on approved aircraft as radio altimeters in the frequency range normally assigned for military and civil aviation.

Currently, neither traffic law nor telecommunications law offer any exceptions, e.g. reduced radiated power for aircraft models at low altitudes.
However, future changes in this respect are not excluded!

Therefore I decided to offer two versions with different frequency ranges of the radio altimeter:

  • If you own a manned, certified aircraft (small aircraft, ultralight aircraft, etc.) and want to equip it with a radar altimeter, you can purchase the version for the frequency range 4.2-4.4 GHz. I would recommend this primarily in this case. The big advantage in this frequency range is that it was specifically defined and reserved for radar altimeters in aviation and therefore no other sources of interference are to be expected in this frequency range.
  • A version for the freely usable frequency range 24.00-24.25 GHz was developed for the equipment of unmanned aerial vehicles including drones. This frequency range was selected because there are currently few sources of interference in this frequency range.