Aircraft Radio Altimeter (4.3 GHz)

Listed below is some technical information for the FMCW Radar Altimeter developed for aircraft. Digitally generated frequency rampsPLL [Phase Locked Loop] assisted frequency synthesis and frequency stabilizationHighly linear low-noise amplifiersMicrostrip…

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Universal Radio Altimeter (24 GHz)

Technical data for the developed FMCW Radar Altimeter for arbitrary flying objects are presented below. Technical Details: Compact designDigitally generated frequency rampsHigh linearity low noise amplifierAutomatic gain controlInterface: UART-TTLPower supply:…

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FMCW Radio Altimeter

A radio altimeter is an electronic device that uses radar technology, i.e. electromagnetic waves in the high-frequency range to measure a distance. It is primarily used to determine height above ground and is therefore used to measure ground distance in avionics for flying objects. (more…)

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FMCW Radar: Technical basics

For those interested, here is a technical overview of the structure and function of a radar altimeter. Frequency working range A radar altimeter operates in a high-frequency frequency range of…

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Prototype development

Filter after the digital-to-analog converter before modulation PCB Design of 24GHz version 3D field of radar antenna (4.3 GHz) Far field of the antenna from simulation Radar antenna (Center frequency:…

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Legal position for the use of radio altimeters

This only applies to Germany! On request from the Federal Network Agency, only approved devices may be installed on approved aircraft as radio altimeters in the frequency range normally assigned…

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