FMCW Radio Altimeter Prototype – Prototype development

Power Spectral Density of radar model

Radio Altimeter PSD Power Spectral Density FMCW
Power Spectral Density

digital-to-analog converter filter before modulation

PCB Design of 24GHz version

measure range: 0.5 m – 150 m

3D field of radar antenna (4.3 GHz version)

Far field of the radar antenna from simulation

Radio altimeter – antenna (4.2 – 4.4 GHz)

antenna diagram with radiation pattern (90°)
antenna diagram with radiation pattern (0°)

ARINC 429 Transmitter Module

Functional HDL-Simulation for FPGA

ARINC 429 simulation result

ARINC 429 – Simulation of the analog circuit (Line Driver)

High Speed Mode (Bitrate: 100 kbps) according to specification

Microcontroller-unit with interfaces

ARINC 429, RS485, RS232, SPI, Analog